Roof Motorization Concept Step by Step Photo Instructions

Click Here for a pdf of step-by-step instructions of how we motorize a SkyShed. You might copy this almost exactly or use it with your own ideas. If you have questions, ask about motorization in the SkyShed Yahoo Discussion Group. SkyShed owners who've motorized the roof will be happy to lend their friendly advice.


Updated Pier004.jpg - Construction Step Graphic Photo

We've updated this construction step photo with better info for 6 5/8" and 8 5/8" pier footings To replace the existing photo simply click the linked image below and clink on the image that comes up. Right click "save link as" to 
C:\SkyShed Plans\Construction Photos with Descriptions\01 Pier\

You'll need to save a copy to the Grayscale subfolder if you wish to replace that photo too.

Updated Bills of Materials.

We have further refined the BOMs slightly to change the number of garage tracks to 4 in all BOMs. Download the zip file and replace the existing BOMs in the Plans sub-folders with these ones. Click Here

Roof Runner Measurement Update

After originally mounting the 4X4"s flush with the 2X10"s when constructing the Roof Runners, we have decided to change that measurement to make it the same as stated in the eDrawing Plans. So instead of mounting them flush with the edge of he 2X10", recess the 4x4"s 1/4" from the edge of the 2X10". CLICK HERE to view and save the updated "track008.jpg" photo that replaces the same photo in the Plans subfolder titled -  Construction Photos with Descriptions, Subfolder 04 Roll Off Track and Support Runner 

Click Here to view Roof Runners with the 4X4"s recessed 1/4" from edge of 2X10".


Q&A Concerning the mounting of the garage tracks

Question - In the Construction Photos with Description Folder, on the Roll Off Track and Support Runner photo track005, the instructions say to measure 1/2" from the top of the wall. In the photo, it looks like you’re measuring at least 1” down. In photos track006 and track007, the track appears to be installed at least 1” below the top of the wall. What is the correct distance? 

Answer - You're right about the fact that it looks more like 1" in the photo. This is because after we took the photos we found that it was better if you didn't install the tracks that low with the model of hinge were using at the time. It could cause clearance problems at the roll off end wall and friction problems when the roof settled after construction.

Customers source various hinges locally on which to mount the rollers. We recently found a new "hinge" that is not actually a hinge because like some others, it does not bend the middle (which is not needed for our purposes). With the new "hinge" we're mounting the tracks 1/2" below the top of the wall. This gives us about a 1/2" clearance between the wall and runner when mounted. You want at least 1/2" - 3/4" clearance between the wall and roof to allow for settling later.

The best way to absolutely determine the best height with your materials is to temporarily "tack" one piece of track up and install 2 hinges and rollers, one at either end of the Roof Runner. You'll need another set of hands to help you with this next part.

Temporarily hold the roof runner in place, squared with the top of the wall, with the rollers mounted in tracks and make sure there is at least 1/2" clearance between the top of the wall and the bottom of the 2X10" roof runner, better yet 3/4" clearance. Take care to make sure you tack the track up with enough screws so that it doesn't fall down on you when you mount the Roof Runner.

Generally hanging the tracks from 1/4" to 1/2" from the top of the wall should work well, depending on your hinge. Again, keep in mind that the roof may settle about 1/4" within a few weeks of construction.

Additional Construction Tips for Roof Runners

We had one customer who had a slight separation over time of about 3/8" on one end between the 4x4 and the 2X10" that form the roof runner . This is the only one we know of and it has not progressed further, nor has it affected roof operation. Just to be sure that it can't happen again, instead of nailing these two pieces together, we recommend that you use 4 1/2" wood screws and industrial wood glue to ensure that parts stay together under stress. Screw in two screws side by side about every 4" along the length of the 4X4, through the top of the 2X10 into the 4X4. Do the same for the 2X4" that also attach to the 2X10".

SkyShed One (the prototype) which is now over 10 years old, has had no separation of these parts and only nails were used when constructing it's roof runners. We believe the separation that did occur with these parts was caused by wet wood that pulled apart as the pieces dried more fully. 

Just to make sure it can't happen, follow the directions of these three photos. Click Here for a larger zipped version of the pics.

Construction Graphic Animation and Celestron Pier adapter Plan

Click Here
to download a new animation of the Construction Graphics from the SkyShed Plans CD. We highly recommend this download as it takes the major construction steps and combines them in one easy to view animation. Download the file to your computer and then double click to view it. Note - On dial up connections it may take a while to download due to it's size, about 3 Megs. Please let us know if you like the animation or find it useful 

If the animation does not run you may need to download the Macromedia Flash player here  


10 Additional Door and Flower Box Hanging Photos 

Click Here to download a zipped file with 10 large copies of the images including construction descriptions.

New eDrawing Viewer Download

Download the new Free Solidworks eDrawing viewer from Solidworks, 
with faster file loading. 

New roof locks
Install two 4 1/2" gate locks at the corners opposite the roll off wall for a quick and easy lock down. They're made by Stanley and available at major home building chains for about $5.00 ea.. Located in the gate hardware area. Stanley code - 75-5211/CD917



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