When we embarked upon creating a Roll-Off Observatory company we realized that we needed to supply piers for the observatories we installed as well as the kits we supply and we wanted to include pier design blueprints  in the observatory plans we sell.

After thoroughly researching the subject we believe we have devised an innovative pier design that is attractive, functional and affordable.

We teamed up with a high quality steel fabricator to supply our customers with a design that is quick and easy to install, and is easily transportable should you change your observing location in the future.

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Celestron CM 1100 with CI 700 mount on a 6 5/8" X 38" Pier

10" LX200 mounted on 4.5" X 36" Pier
Our design features include a dual leveling ability and a pier top that turns and locks to line up your telescope in the direction of your choice. The design also includes anti vibration stabilizer fins at the base.

It may be that you are not ready to take the plunge into the world of observatory building yet, but you might like a permanent pier at your observing location to make set-up and tear down faster and smoother.

For this reason we provide piers as part of a full observatory package that we install, in kits and as a stand alone purchase.

New 3 larger 1/2" bolts located at 120 degree angles to lock the pier cap in azimuth so you can use the same size wrench for all pier adjustments and longer threaded rods between the plates for greater height adjustment.

We will email you a step by step construction guide for installing a pier footing, and consult with you about pier height.

Pier Top Turns! - Pier cap and adapter plate with New 3 larger 1/2" azimuth lock bolts and longer threaded rods for greater height adjustment.

Choosing the Right Pier Size

The type of observing you do will help determine the pier size you need.

If you plan on doing visual observing only you can go with a smaller diameter pier. For astrophotography and/or using an equatorial mount you will probably want to use a larger diameter pier for increased stability. 

Even a 6 5/8" diameter pier will provide more stability and less vibration than a standard tripod. If you remove the pier cap and add playground sand to the hollow pier pipe this will reduce vibrations further.

Pier Base - showing base plate and mounting/leveling bolts. In this photo the close up lens makes the anchor bolts appear slightly askew. In reality they are exactly perpendicular to the pier base.
See more Pier/Scope/Mount combinations on our 
Gallery Pages

With adapter plates for Meade, Celestron, Astro Physics, Takahashi, EQ-6, CG-5, Losmandy, and others

Pier Prices (in US Dollars) + Shipping. Average cost for shipping in the U.S. and Canada is
$200 U.S. via UPS Ground for the 6/5/8" and 8 5/8" pier.
4 1/2"  diameter 
up to 42" in height
Suitable for Meade or Celestron type telescopes up to 5". Small to Medium APO's   $570.00  
6 5/8" diameter 
up to 44" in height
Suitable for Meade or Celestron type telescopes 8" to 10", Medium APO's $750.00  
8 5/8" diameter 
up to 44" in height'
Suitable for 10 - 14" SCT'. APO's, APs, Taks $850.00  
* It is important to determine the correct adapter plate to match the bottom of your telescope or equatorial mount to the top of the pier. Flat-Bottomed Meade and Celestron Fork Mounted Scopes bolt to our Standard Meade and Celestron Adapter Plates (appropriate Meade or Celestron plate is included in the pier cost). All other scopes/mounts need the addition of an adapter collar or donut at costs ranging from $100 -$250. We will determine the adapter type needed when we receive your information via email.
* If your telescope or equatorial mount is a non standard type we will need a template of the bottom to create a matching adapter for the pier. 
* Non Standard Pier adapter plates and piers longer than 42" will require an additional nominal charge.
Pier Colors Piers are now available in your choice of color,
Black, Flat or Gloss, Medium Red, Medium Blue, White or Brown 
Ready to order?
When you are ready to order or if you have questions email us
Here. Please include the type of telescope you have and any other information you can think of that will help us determine which pier is right for your setup. Also include your complete shipping address so that we can determine the cost of shipping to your location.

After we have determined all of these factors and have contacted you with an order total, you can return here to Send Money via PayPal. We will include money transfer directions in the order total message.


NEW  - Our new larger "HD" line of piers. Here's the ad from ATT Magazine for the new line of piers. Contact us for more info.

SkyShed Pier


The SkyShed design incorporates support jacks that allow you raise and lower the roll off rails to compensate for ground movement over time.
Using support jacks there is no need to install footings for the roll off rails. This saves a lot of time and makes the observatory construction a lot easier because the need to perfectly line up 3 footings (pier and roll off support footings) before constructing the SkyShed is no longer an issue.

To use the jacks correctly you drill a 1" hole at least 6" into the roll off support then insert the jack into it before attaching the roll off support onto the roll off rails. 

Support Jack

We recommend adding an 2"X10"X10" patio stone underneath the jack for increased stability.

You can order support jacks with SkyShed Kits or if you want to build your own, a jack blueprint file is included with the Plans on CD

Adjusting the support jack to level the roll off rails


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