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SkyShed survives the "Blast of November" 

Nov. 13 2003 brought sustained winds of over 70 Mph and blizzard conditions for more than 18 hours straight. Roofs were ripped off some businesses, trees were felled, hydro electric power was out to large parts of the area for hours and highways were closed. SkyShed made it through the storm in one piece with no damage whatsoever.

Starfest 2003

The SkyShed Campsite at Starfest 2003 with a 6'X8' SkyShed
Noted Astronomer and Author Terence Dickinson and Astronomer Guy Nason, president of the RASC (Toronto Centre), stopped by to kick the tires
John Kidner of Perceptor and Mike Maglietta of Efston Science join SkyShed co-creator Wayne Parker for an afternoon conversation 
John Kidner, Dr. Harold Becker (right) and fellow stargazers checking out the SkyShed 

A group shot from the Huronia Star Party. Due to weather the number was small but hardy. Too bad. The new facilities are fantastic and the organizers did a great job. I hope there's a 1000 people there next year. We had a 6X8 SkyShed and Piers on display.
Paul Markov of the RASC  (Toronto Centre) and SkyShed co-creator Wayne Parker at the SkyShed presentation to the RASC at the Ontario Science Centre Sept. 09/03


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