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SkyShed Roll Off backyard observatory for Celestron Meade and other popular telescopes
SkyShed we provide quality Roll-Off Observatory Plans, Kits and Telescope Piers. We also manufacture SkySheds and can install one on your site. 

 SkySheds are suitable for the budding astronomer to the seasoned astro photographer.

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review in
"Sky News" magazine. 
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Download a 5 minute SkyShed Flash Presentation showing various SkyShed setups.
Only 1.7M for the
.exe file or 1.4M for the zipped version.

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SkyShed Roll Off backyard observatory for Celestron Meade and other popular telescopes SkyShed Roll Off backyard observatory for Celestron Meade and other popular telescopes
Easy to Build Designed to Last
Lightweight Steel Roof, Sturdy, Safe Attractive, Functional Isolated Steel Pier Easy Off Roller and Track System, Easy to Use, Safe

SkySheds are made from Natural Pine and Spruce wood. No PVC Siding or 
Particle Board is used in the design.


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Use our detailed plans and step by step photo instructions on CD, or new online downloads, to build a SkyShed observatory from scratch.

  Combine a CD and Pier or Order a Full Pre-Fab Kit.  

   Purchase a stand alone pier or incorporate one into your SkyShed. Information about Roll Off Jacks, part of the SkyShed design.

  If you live in a serviced area, we can construct a SkyShed for you on your site in as little as 1 day. Please refer to our Dealers page for your nearest Authorized SkyShed Dealer/Installer. More Dealers are being added all the time so if you don't see a Dealer in your area please let us know and we'll contact you when one is set up.

Use the buttons on the left to find out which of our products is right for you.

Always contact us by email before purchasing Kits with Piers, Piers alone or Booking an Installation. Every astronomer's setup is different and we must match yours up with the proper pier size and a telescope base adaptor.

To help you determine your specific kit needs or to book an on site installation or if you'd like to ask a question, email us here and we will return your message asap. If you like, include your phone number and we'll be happy to contact you by phone. Sometimes we get swamped. If you do not hear back from us in 48 hours, please remind us.

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Liberate your telescope. Get it out of storage and into a SkyShed!

We Get Letters! We regularly receive positive messages and testimonials from SkyShed owners. Here's a recent posting to our SkyShed Yahoo group that says it all...

I LOVE MY SKYSHED! Last night I got to use the SkyShed I built last summer in one of
the ways I hoped it would help me out: really cold nights where the sky is clear, but I can't bring myself to spend long hours in sub-freezing conditions.

So thanks to my SkyShed, I had to step outside for a only few minutes at dusk, roll the roof back, turn on the computer and the scope, and then head back into the house to control the telescope and camera for an evening of imaging from the warmth and comfort of my house.

* No spending 45 minutes setting up & aligning like I used to in the pre-SkyShed days.
* No spending time debugging everything that worked last time but doesn't work this time because I had to tear down the whole rig and move it in/out of the garage

* No spending half an hour taking down the setup at the end of the evening
* No frustration and lost evenings due to sudden increases in wind
causing too much imaging system shake.
* No frostbite

In the nicer weather, I like to be outside looking at the sky while the imaging rig does it's thing, but in the past on nights like last night (near zero degrees F), I wouldn't even bother trying to image because the cold was just more than my aging frame was willing to put up with.

So thank you SkyShed for making last night possible, enjoyable, and safe! :-)

Scott Sendlein
Connecticut, USA

And Awards!

Dear Wayne: Notable in our series of awards is the Polaris Medallion, which is earned by astronomy-related Commercial websites offering products of excellent quality that are obtainable by the average amateur, and who offer exemplary guidance and instruction, plus friendly customer service. These criteria, although basic in nature, are not so readily found. We have been impressed with your product and website for some time, and we've come to the unanimous conclusion that SkyShed Roll-Off Observatories is highly deserving of the Polaris Medallion. Congratulations. You are the first winner of this award since its introduction in mid-2002.

SkyShed products in use in the
NASA sponsored Automated
Meteor Observatory project



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